All Natural,
100% Wild.

Two legendary apples have come together in a WildTwist®. The explosively juicy crunch of Honeycrisp combined with the intricate flavor of Cripps Pink creates an experience you won't want to miss.

Two favorites. One great apple.

About Hess Brothers

The WildTwist® Story

Eat better apples. We believe in creating apples that taste better, last longer and are great for snacking, cooking or any other occasion. That’s why we created WildTwist®….a unique combination of the Honeycrisp and Cripps Pink apple varieties. Something sweet and a little tart. And we added in a little more crunch. The result? A twist on two of your favorite apples. Are you ready to take a walk on the wild side?

About Us

We distribute only the best apples from a sizeable network of local growers, most located in the Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S. Our innovative approach to creating the best apple varieties is our differentiator. Hess Brothers “certifies” each grower and works closely with them to produce the very best apples. Our large variety of premium apples are offered year-round – harvested at just the right time and delivered fresh, ensuring that they are perfect upon purchase and consumption.


What is WildTwist®?

Apples. More specifically, a “managed variety” of apples. So that means they’re a little special—like a micro-brewed beer or heirloom vegetables.

Where is Hess Brothers Located?

Hess Brothers is a fruit company in Lancaster County, PA. Many of you have enjoyed our apples at your local supermarket. You can check here on our website for more information!

What do you mean, "Everybody's Favorite"?

We grew WildTwist® to intersect where tart meets sweet at the corner of crunchy. So regardless of your apple preference, you’ll probably enjoy it—it’s an apple we hit right down the middle. And no, we never do GMOs!

They aren't at my supermarket.

Sorry about that. Because WildTwist® is a completely new apple to the market, it will take a few seasons until they’re available everywhere. In the meantime, you can pop down to the Where to Find Them section to see where they are seasonally available.

If I eat a WildTwist®, can I still go to the doctor?

Yes. Though the doctor may stay away due to the “apple a day” clause, you can still visit if the need arises.

Where To Find Them

Here are the latest locations to find WildTwist® apples. And it keeps growing. (WildTwist® apples are available in most locations beginning in January and running through June)

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